We invite you to join us in planting the Gospel in every country around the world — through sustainable poultry production. Prayerfully consider your involvement with GPI. We are asking God to raise up the workers for the harvest field, to participate in equipping, encouraging and empowering indigenous farmers – this includes:

Multiplying Sustainable Poultry Around the World
Trips Instruct and 
Coach International Farming Disciple 

 Lead and participate in strategic mission trips  around the world

Teach at our Institute of Sustainable Poultry and give one on one coaching

Live abroad on a international farm providing hands-on instruction

 As you go invest in lives making disciples who make

Multiplication Occupation Education Whole person Stewardship Indigenous Transformation

Making disciples who make disciples

Sustainable employment practices

commitment to train, coach and mentor, younger leaders

Jesus ministered to the whole person

Management of Livestock including poultry

Empowering indigenous people in local communities



We must assist the church in creating movements of multiplication. Equipping “fully trained,” passionate disciples to walk as Jesus walked!

Luke 6:40, I John 2:6

We must assist the church to equip and empower people with the character, knowledge and skills to start, grow and maintain a working career and live financially responsible.

Genesis 2:15,
Proverbs 10:4, 12:11-12, 16:3,
I Thessalonians 4:11-12

We believe producing healthy, indigenous farmers is vital to developing local and regional businesses. To accomplish this, we must intentionally invest in younger farmers with these (3) strategic steps of development.

I Timothy 2:2,
I Thessalonians 2:8

Training for Understanding

We envision regular training being offered around the world, resulting in a renewed passion for sustainable poultry production.

Coaching for Implementation

We envision carefully selecting farmers who are set apart to be coached for successful breeding, growing and marketing of poultry.

Mentoring for Multiplication

As we identify, train and coach younger farmers, our commitment is to strategically select “model farms” who are led by proven multipliers with the intention of multiplying sustainable farms everywhere!


We must assist the church in demonstrating and proclaiming the Gospel — spiritually, physically, emotionally, economically and psychologically.

Luke 4:18-19

We believe sustainable poultry production is defined by the ability to breed, grow and market chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys that are able to reproduce themselves with high fertility rates, are able to live vigorously in their indigenous climates and produce at a normal growth rate that is natural and proper for production.

Genesis 1:26-28

We must assist in equipping the church to minister “where they live,” in the region in which they are located, this includes the under-evangelized, overlooked and neglected and then onto the world!

Matthew 28:16-20,  Acts 1:8

We must assist the church in demonstrating and proclaiming the Gospel to the poor without forming dependency, aiming to break cycles of poverty, bring hope and lasting transformation to those we minister to.

James 1:27-2:13

Global Poultry Initiative Core Values
multiplying disciples who make disciples...
Our vision is to educate, equip and empower indigenous people with the character, knowledge and skills to breed, grow and market poultry that are sustainable, productive and profitable.
GPI Partnership

Jim and Melissa Adkins joined Equip International in March 2014! We are honored to partner with Christ followers around the world who are committed to equipping, encouraging and empowering people with the character, knowledge and skills to be successful!

Helping to meet basic physical needs is a tangible way to begin relationships and demonstrate the love of Christ. See the Equip website for more specific information and course listings. Equip has training facilities in North Carolina, Colorado, and Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

For almost 25 years Equip has been preparing Christian missionaries for service in remote areas. Equip training includes a wide range of practical courses under the general headings of water technology, medicine and health, sustainable agriculture, and communications.

Equip International
GPI – Equipping Tracks
equipping, encouraging and empowering farmers everywhere!!
Agricultural Multiplication Centers (AMC)

Our strategy is to partner with indigenous Disciples Makers and Christ-centered organizations in strategic locations to establish Agriculture Multiplication Centers; where disciples are multiplied, breeding flocks are created, sustained and people are equipped for sustainable poultry production.


The purpose of the Agricultural Multiplication Centers is create an environment where disciples are reproduced and sustainable poultry production models are multiplied! Our first priority is to prayerfully recruit, select and invest into younger leaders who are seeking AFTER more — available, faithful,

 teachable, enthused about the things of God and responsive to leadership. (Luke 5:1-11) Once they are chosen, they will be equipped and sent out with the character, knowledge and skills to plant Gospel Communities and develop small poultry enterprises – wherever God calls them!

Our Strategy

To effectively multiply sustainable flocks of standard-bred poultry, we must partner

with our indigenous leaders to create model farms of sustainable agriculture so that

those being mentored can experience the “real life model” and learn from it.


Model Mentor Multiply

 A reproducible
sustainable poultry production model

Learn from a trusted, experienced

Equip others to reproduce a model of sustainable poultry production.

GPI Ministry Council

GPI is led by a Ministry Council! The council consists of advisors, trainers, teachers, supporters and regional country leaders who desire to serve the movement and participate in annual council gatherings. They provide the spiritual and missional direction of all SPN movements around the world. Within the council is an executive team of three who serve as overseers and of the entire movement. SPN movements are led by national service teams who are appointed by the executive council of GPI!

Creating Networks Worldwide!

The Sustainable Poultry Network – USA is what we envision developing in every country. Visit the SPN-USA website and learn about sustainable poultry — breeding, growing and marketing
poultry products throughout your local community, region and country.






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