Adopt a Sustainable Farmer Program

Enable a farmer to participate in the Institute of Sustainable Poultry training

December 5th-9th, 2016 in Buea, Cameroon, AFRICA



adopt a farmer

All the participants must apply to attend the ISP and the training is LIMITED to fifty people. Our Adopt a Farmer Program will assist in the equipping, empowering and encouraging and the farmers who will be participating. And they will surely hear about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

invest in a farmer who will be attending the Institute.
Farmer Adoption Investers Receive:

• A picture and description of your farmer and his/her family.

• A written (or typed) summary directly from the farmer of what they learned at the Institute.

• Your farmer will be assigned to you BEFORE the training begins on Monday, December 5th.


Click here to adopt an sustainable farmer in Africa today!

Your adoption investment of $200 will enable a farmer to participate in the training that will take place in December 2016. The farmers will be paying a portion of the expenses for their training experience. Without your investment most African farmers could not economically attend the institute.

The price includes the training, housing, meals and training materials for all five days.

Compared to the USA prices for this type of training, this is very inexpensive, but your help is needed with these fifty farmers.

Making disciples through sustainable farming!

The Global Poultry Initiative is committed to making disciples through sustainable farming. When we commit to a specific country, we prayerfully appoint a national coordinator and a national service team. We have a wonderful team in Cameroon who were carefully selected.


Institute of Sustainable Poultry

DECEMBER 5-9, 2016

 Buea, Cameroon  AFRICA

Equipping indigenous farmers to be successful.


Five days of contextualize training  designed to provide the knowledge and skills to develop a sustainable poultry production model. We will spend 40+ hours developing the Foundational Pillars of a sustainable poultry production model.


email: Tennyson GEORGES Ngu

DEC. 5-9, 2016

 Buea, Cameroon  AFRICA

Equipping indigenous farmers to be successful.

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